V8 Electric Bike Assembly

How To Assemble V8 Electric Bike

Getting hold of your first electric bike can be exciting and nerve-cracking as well. But don’t get intimidated though, because OUXI V8 electric bike comes with 95% assembled.

From start to finish, complete assembly of a OUXI V8 electric bike at home will take less than an hour with our step-by-step instructions and assembly video. Plus a team of dedicated bike experts available to offer personal assistance 24/7.

How Easy It Is to Assemble Your Fatbike OUXI V8?

In order to ship the OUXI V8 eBike as efficiently as possible, components such as the front wheel and handlebars are partially disassembled before crating. Since these removed parts have a direct bearing on a vehicle’s reliability and safety.

* The following assembly steps are only a general guide to assemble your V8 electric bike. We recommend you consult a certified, reputable bike mechanic to assist in the repair or replacing parts of your V8 bike.

Let’s Get Started

Before we officially start putting the V8 ebike together, make sure the box come in complete and un-damaged. OUXI provide all the bike tools and accesorries needed to assemble the V8 bike for immediate riding.

How to assemble V8 electric bike

What’s in the box? - OUXI V8

OUXI V8 Electric BikeHandlebar 
Manual(s) Handlebar holder
Disc BrakeCharger (54.6V 2A)
Front Wheel AxisPedals (marked left & right)
Bike PumpBattery Keys (two, identical with number)
Front FenderAssembly Tool kit (Allen wrench M3 –M6, Wrench 12-15, Scket wrench 8-10)
Front Wheel

Please recycle packaging materials especially cardboard and foam (OUXI V8 accessoires).

V8 electric bike assembly includes just a few super easy steps. It always helpful to find and read the owner’s manual.

#1 Insert Front Wheel

Install disc brake on the front wheel; Insert the skewer through the front wheel axle from the side of brake disc, secure it with the 12-14 wrenches.

Note: 1. Place small parts on the axle according to the sequence in picture; 2. Inflate tires to recommended PSI. (Marked on the tire).

#2 Install Pedals & Fender

Insert the pedal ( L for Left; R for Right ) into its position, and tighten them with the 13-15 wrench; Install front fender with M5 Allen wrench and socket wrench to secure it.

Install V8 bike front wheel
V8 ebike handlebar

#3 Attach Handlebar

Loose the trim cover with M5 Allen wrench, install the handle holder, there should be no gaps or shakes before really attaching the handlebar. Secure your handlebar and adjust the handlebar & fork to fit your riding position.

Go Ride!

Press and hold the M button on the controller until the display appears and you’re ready to hit the road!

If you’re still feeling out of your depth or like you may physically need a hand, contact a local bike shop or email to support@ouxibike.com.

Advice Before Test Riding a Fat Tire eBike

  1. Check all control cables, throttle cable must not binding in any steering position.
  2. Fully charge your ebike battery before the first ride, it usually takes 5-7 hours to fully charge your OUXI V8.
  3. Adjust the brake caliper slightly if you feel the disc brake rub on the rotor.
  4. Make sure V8 bike tires are inflated and verify the disc brakes are working properly, adequate, smooth stopping power, no drag.
  5. Put on your helmet and you’re ready to ride!

Ouxi V8 - FatBike

  • 750W Avg. Motor, Peak 1000W
  • Range 25-45 miles
  • 5-Speed Mode, 20-30 Mph
  • 48V 15Ah Removable Battery – 720Wh
  • 20*4 Inch Fat Tires
  • Shimano 7-Speed Derailleur
  • Full Suspension
Play Video about V8 off road electric bike

With a stylish retro design, OUXI V8 250w bike with fat tire, we considering V8 is the perfect city cruiser for urban cyclists seeking a versatile e-bike capable of handling various terrains. Whether you’re navigating sand, dirt, grass, or the usual sidewalks and asphalt, the OUXI V8 is built to conquer any surface with ease.

OUXI V82.0 considered as the best fat tire ebike under $1000 as Idpoo IM-J1 Electric Bike, anyhow, If you’re considering more powerful 2000w electric bike, Akez 2000w bike and ekx-ebike is worth considering.

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