OUXI V7 Electric Off Road Bike


What is the biggest difference with the OUXI V6? Motor, tires and gears. The Ouxi V7 off road electric bike has a larger 500W motor, which ensures that this fat tire e-bike can go up to 45 km/h, but the first thing that strikes you are of course the fat tires and stronger gears.

The V7 electric bike off road has been upgraded with 16 Inch fat off-road tires that provide tremendous grip on the road.

New to the OUXI e-bike family: Off Road Bike OUXI V7

  • Off Road Tire: 16″*4 Fat tire
  • Rear Drive Motor: 500W
  • Battery: 15 Ah lithium battery
  • Top Range: 70km
  • Max Speed: 40km/h
  • Waterproof Rating: IP45
  • Weight limit: 265 lbs
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OUXI X7 Electric Off Road Bike

The OUXI V7 electric bike has 16*4 inch thick off road tires that can almost effortlessly over any surface, sand, snow, grass and asphalt. Ouxi V7 PRO Fatbike, with its powerful power and rear drive motor 600 watts, you can cycle effortlessly at speeds of up to 45 kilometers per hour. Get from A to B quickly with Ouxi V7 Ebike and keeps up with scooters with ease!

The OUXI electric fat bike is equipped with a half-twist throttle as well as electric pedal assistance. Supported by a large number of rider families ranging from RV and off road to daily commuters and bikers.

48V 500W
Rear Hub Motor

60-70 Km (40 Miles)

3-Speed Mode
25 Mph (40 Kmh)

15Ah Battery

16*4 Inches Off Road Tire
Mega Wheels

off road bike full suspension

Front & Rear
Shock Absorber

OUXI V7 Features

Are you tired of lining up for public transportation? Are you looking for a fast, reliable and comfortable fat tire & off road electric bike? Then this OUXI V7 PRO Fatbike is ideal for you! Super handy for ‘the last mile’, powerful and long range model 2023 V7 Pro folding ebike with 7-Speed Shimano gears.

  • 500W Rear hub motor
  • 25 mph max speed ( 40 Kmh )
  • 720 Wh single battery
  • Double shock suspension system
  • 16×4 fat bike tires
  • 20% hill climbing
  • Foldable design for easy transport and storage
  • Automatic 48V 12W headlights
  • Maximum 40-mile ride range: a full day of exploring without stopping
  • Height-adjustable leather seats

OUXI V7 Fat Tire Folding Electric Bike has been upgraded with off-road tires that provide tremendous grip on the road. Furthermore, the OUXI V7 electric bike accelerates quickly and silently, whereby you literally fly past every passer-by. This electric off road bike also has 3 speed settings you can choose.

Enjoy Your Life with OUXI V7

Into a Life of Adventure – Electric Bikes are more speed, more fun and freedom.

OUXI V7 electric bike off road

Your new favorite thing. But, it won’t take up all your garage space!

All terrain tire treads – Ride both on and off-roads.

OUXI V7 PRO off road bike

Adapt to All Terrain

4″ Fat Tire & Dual Suspension – Taking significant bumps without drama.

Foldable & Portable

The Foding Off road V7 PRO is a smart fit for RVs, small apartments, or anywhere else you may be short on space.

16" Folding eBike - Car's Great Partner

V7 off road electric bike

Three Cycling Modes

• Using only the throttle (e-scooter)
• Pedaling with electric assist (e-bike)
• Pedal as a manual bicycle

V7 electric off road bike

V7 Ebike Specification

500W, Rear Hub Motor

48V, 15 Ah (720Wh)

40 Miles Average (60-70 km)

25 MPH. (40 kph)

16 inch off road tire (Mag Wheels)

5-7 Hour

Front and rear suspensions

120 KG

3 Levels on Throttle on demand
Pedal Mode
Moped Mod
Pure Electric Mode

Gear 1, 15km/h
Gear 2, 25km/h
Gear 3, 40km/h

Foldable 6061 Aluminum Alloy

Front / Rear Disc Brake

64 lbs (29 KG)

One Cruiser for

All Terrains

The great thing about the OUXI V7 off road Mini bike is compact and sturdy, easy to fold and carry around compared to the other larger electric bikes off road.

Of course, the V7 off road ebike is foldable. The double mechanical disc brakes also ensure a safe braking distance. The carrying capacity of up to 120 kg is also something to be sure of.

V7 off road mini bikes also come with full suspension / shock absorption on both the front and rear. Such a comfortable electric folding bike with sharp looking design, V7 Pro electric fat bike is a real eye-catcher!

With a full battery you can effortlessly drive up to 60 kilometers (depending on the weight and driving style) and fully recharge it within 5-7 hours. For example, the battery lasts longer when using the pedal assistance than pure electric by twisting the throttle only.

Super handy for camping, on vacation, to avoid parking and fuel costs or just cruising at your pace through the city, the forest or the countryside! Experience a unique way of moving and seeing the future what it’s like to cycle on this robust electric fat bike!

1x OUXI V7 Off Road Electric Bike
1x Charger
1 x Mudguard
1x Hexagon Socket Wrench
1x User Manual

Q: Does V8 Electric Fatbike Suitable For Riding On Beach?

A: OUXI V8 is an all-terrain fat tire e bike, built for adventures. Also suitable for riding on the sand, its 20*4 Inch fat tires ensure a smooth ride on the beach. However, please try to avoid seawater during the ride to prevent equipment damage.

Q: Does 750W OUXI V8 Ebike Suitable For Heavy Riders?

A: Sure, the max load capacity of V8 electric bike is 330 lbs.

Q: Can I Have a Second Battery for V8 Mountain Bike?

Q: Yes, OUXI bike V8 has dual battery version support extra battery pack under the seat.

Q: Can I Pay At Your Netherlands or LA Warehouse?

A: No, local warehouse just a logistics cooperating spot to dispatch our orders, they’re not be able to collect payments.

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