16″ OUXI V6 Electric Bike


OUXI V6 Electric Bike

OUXI V6 16 inch pedal-assist folding bike comes with 48V 500W motor, Max speed of 25 km/h and a 48V 15AH lithium battery to achieve a long riding distance of 35/65 kilometers.

The 16″ folding electric bicycle frame features an ergonomic handlebar, easy to carry and easy to store. Bright LED headlights and horns and can be used for night rides cruising the city.

  • Off Road Tire: 16″
  • Rear Drive Motor: 48V 500W, peak 750W
  • Battery: 15 Ah lithium battery
  • Top Range: 70km ( Pedal Assist Mode )
  • Max Speed: 25km/h
  • Suspension: Front and rear suspensions
  • Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes

OUXI V6 Pro fat tires can make the biking more stable to meet all road conditions such as snow, city road, beach and MTB mountain.

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V6 Electric Bike

-Invisible Battery in frame, City commuting to work or Rural leisure activities

The bike not only looks great but is highly practical for both city and rural living. OUVI V6 EBike features 3 power assist modes. Pure electric, pedal assist or manual riding allowing you to exercise. The V6 E-Bike meets the needs of modern people for work, entertainment and leisure in terms of appearance design, riding range, and speed.

48V 15Ah large capacity battery built-in frame, one charge with a distance of up to 60km 37 miles depending on weight and speed. Charge time is 5-7 hours with overcharge protection; however, it is good to practice taking it off charge when fully charged.

48V 500W
Rear Hub Motor

30-40 Miles (60 Km)

3-Speed Mode
25 Kmh (20Mph)

15Ah Battery

14 In Inflatable Tire
Mega Wheels

Front & Rear
Disc Brakes

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500W Powerful Motor

Equipped with 48V 500W hub rear motor, the 16″ electric bike V6 can reach up to 25kmh (18 mph ) and climb up to 15 degrees.

15Ah 720Wh Battery

With the 48V 15Ah large capacity Lithium-Ion battery, you can travel up to 60 km / 28 miles on one charge. (Actual performance will be affected by the user’s weight, the impact of road conditions and riding habits)

Foldable Design

The aluminum ally folding frame is 40% lighter than carbon steel,folding design V6 bike can be folded down in seconds and put it in the back of your car, which is just for any conditions.

2 Working Modes & 3 Gears

Pure electric and pedal assist mode. Three gears of speed (10km/h,15km/h,25km/h), you can use the bike as an e-bike or choose the electric-assisted mode to do some exercises.

Comfortable & Safe Ride

Front & rear disc brakes for reliable all-weather stopping power, full shock absorption system, ensure for every user to ride in smooth and safe. LED front light & horn can make your night riding safer.

Stylish. Powerful. Durable.

16 inch folding electric bike with more power, go the distance with more freedom and fun.

niubility B14 ebike

Pedal like a traditional bicycle then switches to pedal-to-go mode to overcome steep hills or catch a quick breather.

OUXI V6 pro fat tire

Ride Your Way - Work or Leisure

Never get caught out without power. 720Wh V6 bike is all you need for commute & leisure.

Easy Fold & Go, No Parking Hassle

OUXI V6 folding design makes it easier to put in the trunk or take on the bus, always ready for travel.

14in folding electric bike

Bring more fun and fit your traveling lifestyle just with one e-bike.

Three Riding Modes for short trips and daily commutes.

Rugged, Smooth and Steadfast

niubility B14 electric bike

Pedal / Moped / Pure electric. Age and height friendly. Bikers can freely switch during riding to make your journey more fun.


V1 – 12 INCH E-BIKE / V5 – 14 INCH E-BIKE / V6 – 16 INCH E-BIKE
Battery Capacity
48V 15AH (15ah battery is made with 21700 battery cells)
Max mileage
15AH can go 70km max.
Motor power
V1 12INCH 400WATT / V5 14INCH 400WATT / V5 16INCH 500WATT
Unfold size
Package size
Net weight
Gross weight
V5 – 26kg / V6 – 30.5KG
Max loading
Front and rear disc brakes
Front and rear suspensions
(can be adjusted through APP)
Gear 1- 15km/h; Gear 2- 20km/h; Gear 3- V5 – 30km/h; V6 – 35km/h
Wheel Size
V1 – 12”*2.0” / V5 – 14”*2.0” / V5 – 16”*2.125”
42V AC100-240V
Climbing degree
OUXI V6 white ebike
1x OUXI V6 Electric Bike
1x Charger
1 x Mudguard
1x Hexagon Socket Wrench
1x User Manual

Q: Does V8 Electric Fatbike Suitable For Riding On Beach?

A: OUXI V8 is an all-terrain fat tire e bike, built for adventures. Also suitable for riding on the sand, its 20*4 Inch fat tires ensure a smooth ride on the beach. However, please try to avoid seawater during the ride to prevent equipment damage.

Q: Does 750W OUXI V8 Ebike Suitable For Heavy Riders?

A: Sure, the max load capacity of V8 electric bike is 330 lbs.

Q: Can I Have a Second Battery for V8 Mountain Bike?

Q: Yes, OUXI bike V8 has dual battery version support extra battery pack under the seat.

Q: Can I Pay At Your Netherlands or LA Warehouse?

A: No, local warehouse just a logistics cooperating spot to dispatch our orders, they’re not be able to collect payments.

Ebike orders shipping from US or EU local warehouses. Free shipping & Duty free to door by UPS, FedEx, or DPD.
In-stock orders typically ship within 1-3 business days.
Please allow 2~8 business days for your shipment to arrive at your address.
A shipping confirmation email will be sent to your email once the order has shipped.

The above shipping applies to most bikes in stock. For parts, will be shipped from China factory, please refer to Shipping Policy


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