V5 Electric Bike Battery


V5 Electric Bike Battery

48V 10Ah / 15Ah OUXI V5 Ebike battery

10 Ah traveled distance is about 20 miles of range, 15 Ah at 30 miles.

Compatible Charger: 54.6V 2A

Capacity: 480 Wh / 720 Wh ; Charging time: 5-7 hours

Pure Electric Range: 20-35 Miles (40-50 Km)

Maximum Range with Pedal-assist: 35-45 Miles (65 Km)

Suitable for V5 electric bike, Niubility B14 electric bike

Weight: 7.8 Lbs ( 3.5 Kg )

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V5 Electric Bike Battery Features

48V ebike battery for V5 Ebike. 10Ah / 15Ah, suitable for 500W OUXI V5 eBike motors, 400W Niubility B14 Ebike.

Maximum constant discharge current: 20A, compatible with 54.6V 2A charger.

The outer layer of V5 battery pack is made of waterproof PVC material, insulation, anti-corrosion and wear resistance.

More Power & Safety, OUXI V5 battery is designed with trusted materials and detachable design with high power supply.

Smart BMS system, prevents overcharging, over-discharging, over-current and short circuit. Last more than 1000 times deep cycles and 2-3 years service life.

Best for riders want to gain extended range on V5 electric bike. Easily add 20 -30 miles to the range without pedaling at all.

NOTE BEFORE ORDER: This V5 electric bike battery from original manufacturer, 100% tested battery, higher energy density and more stable performance. After we simulate daily use, our battery can still have 78% capacity remaining after 1000 times cycles.


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