V20 Electric Bike Charger


V20 Electric Bike Charger | Adaptor

  • Model: JY-546200
  • Input: 100-240V -50/60HZ 
  • Output: 54.6V 2A MAX for 48v ebike battery


Red light means charging ; Green light means fully charged or disconnected

Application: 48V Tamobyke V20, Tamobyke H9, OUXI V5 folding bike, V7 off road ebike, V8 mountain bike

A top quality e-bike battery charger is essential for V20 bike riders to seek the convenience of ebike.

Whether you’re commuting with Tamobyke or embarking on a spontaneous adventure, having a fast charger at your workplace or in your bag is a necessity!

Compatible model: OUXI V8, Tamobyke H9, Tamobyke V20 bike parts


V20 Electric Bike Charger

Compatible Model: 48V OUXI V8, Tamobyke H9, Tamobyke V20 parts

The Tamobyke H9 / V20 ebike charger. With a focus on safety and performance, this charger delivers the right voltage, current, and connectivity to quickly and effectively charge the batteries, allowing riders to enjoy their adventures for longer. On average, charging the Tamobyke fatbikes takes approximately 6 to 8 hours to fully charge.


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