Tamobyke V20 eBike Battery


Tamobyke V20 Battery

Category: Tamobyke Battery Replacement

Item: 48V 15AH Removable, Tamobyke H9 V20 Ebike battery

Pure Electric Range: 25-35 Miles (40-50 Km)

V20 bike battery Range with Pedal-assist: 45 Miles | 60 km +/-

V20 Battery Capacity: 48V 15Ah 750 Wh

Charger: 54.6V 2A | Charging time:  6-7 hours

Suitable for 750W / 1000W V8 H9 V20 electric bike

Size: 14.37*3.54*4.33 inches

Weight: 9.9 Lbs ( 4.5 Kg )


Tamobyke V20 Electric Bike Battery

The H9 | V20 battery can be charged in two ways:

On the V20 ebike: You can leave the battery on the Tamobyke bike and charge it this way. The display will show the battery’s charge level.

Off the bike: It’s possible to remove the battery from the Tamobyke V20. You can then charge the battery indoors, for example. There is a small button on the battery indicating the charge level.

We recommend not placing the V20 battery adapter on the saddle during charging.

Tamobyke V20 bike battery Range: 60 km +/-

Warranty: 1 year

Battery Capacity: 48V 15Ah


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