OUXI V8 Seat


OUXI V8 Passenger Seat

The OUXI V8 fatbike seat for a 2nd passenger not only helps you easily transport your gear but also provides a comfortable seat that you can share with your loved ones.

The best memories with the OUXI V8 should be shared with beloved family members. With the OUXI V8 Seat, you can take your kids or friends on weekends and enjoy riding adventures together!

  • Soft cover pad OUXI V8 fatbike seat fits perfectly for OUXI V8 2.0
  • Comes with easy-to-mount rear rack, keeping your passenger comfortable and secure while on the go!

Note: Not work with OUXI V8 without pre-mounted knots weld on the frame

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OUXI V8 – Fatbike Seat

Ever thought of giving your friend a ride on your OUXI V8 with a passenger bike seat? Now, OUXI V8 2.0 makes this companionship possible. OUXI V8 2023 comes with two seats available, V8 bike frame with pre-welded knots. You can check if your OUXI V8 fatbike comes with pre-mounted knots at the rear.

You can get a passenger seat for your OUXI V8 ebike. The easy mounting bracket works with the OUXI V8 2.0 and all OUXI V8 2023. Whether it’s a weekend tour or picking up your kids from school, it can offer you an exceptional riding experience.

Warning: It is always the user’s responsibility to ensure the passenger and/or cargo loaded on the OUXI V8 do not interfere or impact the user’s ability to safely operate the V8 fatbike.

What’s in The Box:

  • OUXI V8 Passenger Seat
  • Rear Rack + 2 * Steel Pipes
  • 6 * Screws


* Rack, holder and screws for the seat are included.

* The knots welded on the OUXI V8 ebike is not provided, it means this seat only work with OUXI V8 2.0, and OUXI V8 2023.

Check if your OUXI V8 has the knots Pre-welded already >>

OUXI V8 bike seat


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