OUXI V8 – Fatbike

Congrats! OUXI V8 Fatbike comes with double battery and dual seat version now, so you can ride with your friend or kid along during weekend bike trip. No matter you use OUXI V8 elektrische fatbike for urban commuting or suburban adventures, this 20″ off-road ebike can be your exciting companion in either way.

Compare to OUXI V8 2.0, the V8 2023 adapt with hydraulic brake for V8 ebike in Europe market.

  • OUXI V8 Battery: 48V 15Ah / 30Ah battery
  • Range: 20-45 Miles (15Ah)
  • Speed: 20-30 Mph
  • Hub Motor: 250W / 750W brushless motor
  • Total Payload Capacity: 350lbs
  • Tire Size: 20*4″
  • 7-Speed Shimano Mechanical Shifting

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OUXI V8 FatBike

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Fatbike OUXI V8 is a trusted and popular Fat Tire Bike from 60,000+ riders worldwide. 

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fatbike v8 ouxi

OUXI V8 2.0 VS. OUXI V8 2023


OUXI V8 2.0

OUXI V8 Netherlands







15AH (Single)

30AH (Double Battery)

15AH (Single)


48V 250W, Peak 750W

48V 250W, Peak 750W

48V 750W, Peak 1000W


Disc Brake

Hydraulic Brake

Disc Brake

Dual Seat




Turn Singnal




Pure Electric Range

35 km / 20 miles

70 km / 45 miles

35 km / 20 miles

Pedal Assist Range

60 km / 40 miles

110 km / 70 miles

60 km / 40 miles


25 Km/h (30 Mph)

25 Km/h (30 Mph)

50 Km/h (30 Mph)


7-Speed Shimano

7-Speed Shimano

7-Speed Shimano

Single Battery OUXI V8 2.0

fatbike ouxi v8

Why Should You Buy an OUXI V8 Ebike

Does the OUXI V8 enhance your life in any way?

OUXI V8 Electric Bike Looks Cool

The V8 ebike ultimate retro appearance industrial design in 3 aspects

  • Comfort ride: Perfect ergonomic design for riders 5’4″ – 6’5″.
  • Structure: The best structural design for V8 dual batteries.
  • Vision: Exquisite and high-end texture seat with brown V8 electric bike.
OUXI V8 250W Cheap in Price

The cheap OUXI V8 price has both plus and minus aspects when considering quality. Just imagine being able to buy a 20″ fat tire electric bike for less than $1500; it can even be a 2-seater ebike with double battery up to 30Ah and hydraulic brake.

ouxi v8 onderdelen
Enough Power and Torque

OUXI V8 electric fat bike with a powerful 250W motor, with 22A controller, you can always ask more the motor. US version with 750W moto that reashes an impressive top speed of 50kph (on flat terrain) within a few seconds.

ouxi v8 accu battery
Extended Range with Double Battery

OUXI V8 2023 is equipped with dual 48V 15Ah battery, OUXI fatbike V8 offers double travel range and assists riding up to 80 miles with per full charge. Allowing you to cruise confidently with no range anxiety at all.

Second Seat with V8 Electric Bike

OUXI V8 3.0 come with Passenger Seat. Spending quality time on OUXI V8 electric bike and sharing your happiness with beloved family members. Even your OUXI fatbike V8 is 2022 version, can still step up OUXI V8 fatbike with a seat.

OUXI V8 specs

OUXI V8 – Two Seater

Double Battery – Europe V.

Hydraulic Brake – Europe V.

20*4.0‘’ Fat Tire


48V 15Ah / 30Ah Battery

Max speed: 25-35km/h (free wheels)

*Removable battery: 48V 15AH/ 48V 30AH Single / Dual Battery Option


Range per Charge Assistance: 40-60Km, (80-120km for double battery version)

Charging time: 6h ( 54.6V 2Ah Charger )

Maximum loading: 150kg 

Motor Power: 250W (Max 750W) 

Max Climbing: 25° 

2 Seater Bike: Yes 

Tire size: 20*4.0” Off road fat tire 

Brake: Hydraulic brake 

Suspension: Front

  1. Enhanced Comfort: Wider tires provide better suspension for a smoother ride, ideal for uneven or rough terrain.

  2. More Power: Fat tire e-bikes usually come with more powerful electric assist (Minimum 750W) lets you conquer rough paths and hills with ease.

  3. Versatility: Perfect for city commutes, suburban exploration, and off-road adventures, a perfect bike for most of cycle enthusiasts.

  4. Stylish Design: Eye-catching appearance that stand out and showcase personal flair.

  5. Convenient Pedal Assist: Electric power support eases long trips and cargo hauling, popular among eco-conscious city residents.

  6. Green & Healthy: Lower carbon footprint and exercise benefits, appealing to those prioritizing fitness and sustainability.

In summary, OUXI V8 fat e-bikes attract riders with comfort, versatility, style, and eco-friendliness, making them a preferred choice for adventurous adults seeking an exhilarating ride.


  • Be confident to buy this OUXI ebike, we provide lifelong support.
  • The max load is 150kg. If exceeds, it will slightly reduce the performance of it.
  • The Mileage and battery life will be affected by loading weight, temperature, road slope, adequacy of tires.

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