OUXI V8 Display 2.0


OUXI V8 Display 2.0

Item: OUXI V8 electric bike display

Model No.: M5 display

Suitable to OUXI V8 2.0 waterproof type connector

The OUXI V8 fatbike display offers weather-resistant properties, stability, and a long lifespan.

Installation and disassembly are effortless thanks to the all-in-one connector.

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OUXI V8 2023 – Display

If you need OUXI V8 1.0 Display click here

The redesigned OUXI V8 2.0 / Tamobyke V20 Display is an upgraded ebike display that offers improved performance, specifically tailored to withstand rainy conditions more effectively.

Featuring advanced design elements and improved sealing technologies, the M5 display ensures a higher level of water resistance, guaranteeing reliable operation even in wet weather.

With the addition of new protective layers and potentially upgraded internal components, the V20 Display 2.0 promises increased durability while continuing to provide essential bike data such as speed, distance, and other vital information for riders. Consequently, we strongly discourage ordering the old V20 V8 display due to numerous reported issues.


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