14″ Folding Electric Bike


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The 14 Inch folding ebike OUXI V5 features step through design enable even beginner easily mount and ride. While a foldable design guarantees your e-ride will fit into virtually any compact space.

OUXI V5 electric bike battery reach 45 miles per charge and 20 mph on this sturdy, reliable ride.


  • 500W geared rear hub motor achieves the perfect balance between torque and speed.
  • 3 Pedal-Assist levels enhance the experience of riders of all capabilities.

Battery – Lithium Ion 48V 720Wh battery with a 5-7 hour charge time.

Speed – Gear selection for various conditions. Gear 1, 15km/h ; Gear 2, 20km/h ; Gear 3, 30km/h (20 MPh)

Range – 10 Ah battery has up to 35+ mile range, and 15Ah battery has up to 45+ mile range (60-80 km)

Dual Suspension – Adding a joy and comfortable experience to your travel.

Foldable Ebike – Fold it up and slide into trunk or RV and take it anywhere, perfect alternative to a pedal bike.

*Range may vary based on weight load, terrain, weather, and other factors.


48V 500W
Rear Hub Motor

35-45 miles

3-Speed Mode
40 Kmh

15Ah Battery

16*4 In Off Road Tire
Mega Wheels

Front & Rear
Disc Brakes


OUXI V5 Electric Bike

– The Ultimate Mini-Commuter Machine

V5 Folding electric bikes are sprouting up on city streets, on trains and busses, and in office buildings and apartment hallways for a good reason. It’s hard to beat the convenience of OUXI V5 ebike that origamis down to fit under your desk—but can also make your commute faster and less stressful.

Coupled with dual front fork suspension, are designed to power through all conditions, You can take this Mini e-bike wherever you go as it’s designed for compact travel. It also comes with an APP for your phone where you can do lots of cool things like tracking your riding and even lock the V5 Electric bike.

2 reviews for 14″ Folding Electric Bike

  1. Kostas S

    Thanks to you, it’s easier to go a little farther, and I use it for commuting! I am very happy with the speed and portability!

  2. Kaka Jaisan

    I really like the features this bike offers! I’m in the market for an electric bike to be used as a “bug out” vehicle. I want the law to allow full electric vehicles to be allowed on private roads. Bicycles and electric vehicles are no different! Japanese law should be reviewed!

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ouxi V5


–OUXI V5 with 500 Watt Hub Motor delivers strong kinetic energy and decent acceleration and speed on pressing the throttle.


A long-life span 48V 15Ah battery which fully meets the needs of daily commuting, you don’t have to worry about the distance even if you go out for an outing.


– V5 electric folding bike has three riding modes of pedal, power assist and pure electric to meet more personal travel needs and road conditions.

Exquisite, Compact and Lightweight

– V5 electric bike folding size is only 29*22.5*29.5 inches, and weighs 55 pounds, double folding buckles, one person can fold easily. Enhance your RV, camper or van adventures. Our folding electric bike saves space and is a powerful ride.


– The OUXI V5 electric bike already comes pre-assembled so you won’t have to waste time with complicated assembly. Ideal car alternative for traveling around the city and short trips.

One Cruiser for

All Terrains

Why Choose OUXI V5 Step Through Electric Bike?

  • 500W Powerful Rear Hub Motor: Packs a nice punch of power with its motor going up hills and pedaling becomes easily.
  • 720Wh Battery: 48V 15Ah built in battery pack provides enough power for you to reach 18.6mph in pure electric mode. Top range up to 45 Miles (80 Km)
  • Foldable Ebike: Quick folding design makes it convenient to put into the car trunk, portable V5 saves more space for storage or transportation.
  • Dual Disc Brake System: OUXI V5 electric bike adopts separate braking for the front and rear wheels to improve riding stability and safety.
  • 14 Inch Portable Ebike: Folds fairly small like other bikes of “circus bikes”. Can be carried single-handed for a short distance.
  • Adjustable Saddle: V5 bike saddle upgraded with high-density sponge sandwiched in the middle, improves the comfortable experience when riding. The height of the seat height can be adjustable to meet different rider’s heights.

Starting Adjust to Electric Future

OUXI V5 Electric Bikes are more speed, more freedom and more fun.

14in electric bike

 3 modes to ride the V5 – ebike, assisted bicycle & normal bike

From major cities to countrysides, V5 e-bike can take you just about anywhere.

Full suspension ebike

Enjoy Riding Again

Dual Suspension – Taking Significant Bumps Without Drama.

The Fodable V5 is a smart fit for RVs, small apartments, or anywhere else you may be short on space.

An RV-ready ebike

14in folding electric bike

Learn how easy electric makes to go for long rides than manual bikes.

Easy to Control While Riding 

Buttons for horn/headlight are very accessible being under the display facing your side.

ouxi V5 electric bike


400W Sustained (Peak 500W) , Rear Hub Motor

Removable 48V, 10 Ah / 15 Ah (720Wh)

45 Miles Average (65-80 km)

20 MPH. (25 kph)

14 inch air tire (Mag Wheels)

5-7 Hour

Front and rear suspensions

120 KG

3 Levels on Throttle on demand
Pedal Mode
Moped Mod
Pure Electric Mode

Gear 1, 15km/h
Gear 2, 20km/h
Gear 3, 30km/h

Foldable 6061 Aluminum Alloy

Front / Rear Disc Brake

47 lbs (21.5 KG)

1x OUXI V5 Electric Bicycle
1x Charger
1 x Mudguard
1x Hexagon Socket Wrench
1x User Manual

Q: Why choose disc brakes over rim brakes?

A: Disc brakes have better control, power, and consistency in all weather conditions than rim brakes.

Q: Is the V5 bike water-resistant / Can I ride in the rain?

A: Sure, You can ride OUXI V5 in the rain.  All of our electric components are designed to be built in frame.  If you ride in wet conditions, remember to wipe the LCD display and dry them to avoid overnight moisture, which sometimes can hurt electric systems.
Good maintenance makes your V5 e-bike operate like new. Do not ride in deep water, especially when the water can touch the motor and the controller box.

Q: Does V5 14″ folding bike have a suspension front/rear fork?

A: Yes, OUXI bike V5 has dual shock absorber for better riding experience.

Q: Is the OUXI ebike come pre-assembled?

A: 95% of the OUXI electric bike comes pre-assembled. First, take the V5 bike out of the box, remove packaging material, and unfold the bike; Then, connect the battery, and you can start riding right away. FYI, the battery is NOT fully charged, so watch out if you will ride far the very first time.

Q: Can I Pay At Your Netherlands or LA Warehouse?

A: No, local warehouse just a logistics cooperating spot to dispatch our orders, they’re not be able to collect payments.

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