20″ Fat Tire Electric Bike


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Fatbike OUXI V8

The Fat Tire E Bike OUXI V8 allows riders to take on all terrain from city streets to mountain trails. Not only can riders expect a stronger motor and a faster speed, V8 electric fat bike even possible to sit 2 people with dual seat version 2023.

  • 28-45 Miles Per Charge (45-65KM)
  • 25 KPH Speed – EU Standard
  • 250W Avg. Motor – EU Standard
  • 20×4 Fat Bike Tires
  • 7-speed Shimano Mechanical Shifting
  • Dual Front Hydraulic Suspension
  • Charge Time: 5-7 Hours

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250W Avg. Motor

25-45 miles

5-Speed Mode
25 Kph

48V 15Ah Removable Battery – 720Wh

20*4 Inch Puncture-Resistant Fat Tires

Shimano 7-Speed Derailleur

One Cruiser for

All Terrains

Fat Bike OUXI V8 Features

OUXI V8 Review

– Viajando con Diego

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  • 1-year Warranty. Lifelong Technical Support
  • EU & USA Local Delivery. In Stock & Ready to Ship
  • No Custom Duty. Estimated Delivery Time: 6-8 business days
  • The Trusted & Popular E-bike from 80,000+ Riders
V8 bike motor

250W Electric Bike

US Version Peak 750W, Ebike V8 delivers enhanced uphill climbing capabilities

20 Inch Fat Bike Tires

20 inch fat tire bike takes you further to explore the world

Full Suspension

V8 fatbike provides comfort, stability and versatility to tackle tougher roads

20 fatbike V8

Removable Battery

Quick swap V8 battery means extended range possible by carrying an extra pack

Shimano 7-Speed Derailleur

V8 fat tire mini bike makes your ride easy and effortless, no worries about sweating

85% Assembled

V8 fat tire cruiser bike comes 85% fully assembled- Assembly Guide

The best riding moped-style ebike with all the great features that make every ride a joy! With classic retro motorcycle frame design, V8 electric bike brings you back to exciting times!

H9 electric bike details

Enjoy a comfortable riding with V8 thick artificial leather seat. It’s a perfect adult electric bicycle for commuting, off-road adventures, weekend spins around the city.


1. Shipping – Free shipping on all orders to EU & US countries. 5-8 business days delivery time.
2. Be confident to buy this e-bike, we provide 24/7 lifelong technical service.
3. The maximum load of this big tire bike is 331 lbs. If exceeds, it will slightly reduce the performance of it.
4. The travel range and battery life will be affected by weight, temperature, road slope and adequacy of tires.
5. The charger, repair tools and user manual are included in box. Kindly return all electric bike accessories and make sure them are undamaged if you’d like to return the bike.

250W Sustained (Peak 750W for US Version) , 48V Rear Hub Motor

Removable 48V, 15Ah (720Wh)

45 Miles Average (65 km)

25 Kph. Max 30 MPH (50 kph – US version)

20*4 inch fat tire (26″ Mag Wheels)

54.6V 2 Amp,
5-7 Hour Charging

7-speed Shimano Mechanical

5 Levels on Throttle on demand

Front suspension, double fork

Un-foldable 6061 Aluminum Alloy

Double Disc Brake

77 lbs (35 KG)

1 x V8 Electric Bicycle

1 x Charger

1x Wrench

1 x Multi-function hexagon tool

1 x Front wheel quick release

1 x User Manual

Q: How to make OUXI Electric Bike V8 go faster than 25kmh?

A: The OUXI V8 bike comes with default setting preset to 25 (which means 25km or 18mph), but you can toggle this between to 100. Now 100 will not let you go 100km per hour, that would be maximum 32mph! Just think of V8 P settings this way –

• 45 = 30mph max assist | • 100 = 32mph max assist
 * Random Error: ±1km/h; (Speed limit is for both PAS and Throttle)

Q: Does V8 Electric Fatbike Suitable For Riding On Beach?

A: OUXI V8 is an all-terrain fat tire e bike, built for adventures. Also suitable for riding on the sand, its 20*4 Inch fat tires ensure a smooth ride on the beach. However, please try to avoid seawater during the ride to prevent equipment damage.

Q: Does 750W OUXI V8 Ebike Suitable For Heavy Riders?

A: Sure, the max load capacity of V8 electric bike is 330 lbs.

Q: Can I climb those hilly roads/side walks with OUXI X8 fat bike ?

A: V8 bike can go up a pretty decent incline but the speed drops dramatically and the battery is used up much quicker. A small hill would be fine for a 750W motor, but some of the hills over 30 degree are too much for a scooter bike.

Q: Can I Have a Second Battery for V8 Mountain Bike?

A: Yes, Please contact us by email: for replacement battery. OUXI ebike V8 has dual battery version supporting extra battery pack under the seat available now.

Q: Can I Pay At Your Netherlands or LA Warehouse?

A: No, local warehouse just a logistics cooperating spot to dispatch our orders, they’re not be able to collect payments.

Ebike orders shipping from US or EU local warehouses. Free shipping & Duty free to door by UPS, FedEx, or DPD.
In-stock orders typically ship within 1-3 business days.
Please allow 2~8 business days for your shipment to arrive at your address.
A shipping confirmation email will be sent to your email once the order has shipped.

The above shipping applies to most bikes in stock. For parts, will be shipped from China factory, please refer to Shipping Policy

20″ Fat Tire Electric Bike

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OUXI V8 Electric Bike

-Best fat tire bike 2022 to tackle adventures of all sorts

V8 Fat Tire Electric Bike offers a dual seat option. Commute, explore, or simply do more. You can ride V8 ebike to cruise through the city, take on your off-road adventures or even at the beach. With the 20*4 Inch off road fat tires, you have maximum grip on the road.

There is a small throttle on the handlebar with which you can easily reach max speed without pedaling! Dual front hydraulic suspension and 7 speed Shimano gears making V8 fat tire cruiser bike comfortable to ride on the road.

Fatbike OUXI V8 Highlights

1. The OUXI V8 fat tire mini bike ultimate retro appearance industrial design in 3 aspects:
a. Comfort of use: perfect ergonomic design.
b. Structure: the classic structural design for large-capacity batteries.
c. Vision: exquisite and high-end texture.

2. 7-speed Shimano mechanical shifting, USB for mobile phone charging.

3. The popular 20-inch by 4.0 fat tires for Europe and America riders.

4. Set digital password to avoid the trouble of key loss, the accelerator can be locked, and better adapt to local laws.

5. 48V 15Ah long life span battery, sufficient energy, strong power.

OUXI V8 Fatbike Features

Powerful 250W Motor

OUXI X8 fat tire mini bike comes with a strong 250W (EU Standard) motor that reaches an impressive peak power 750W (US Standard) in short period. The V8 is great for people that want more powerful and versatile ebike.

25 Kph Max Speed – EU Standard

Peak 750W electric bike, 20 fat tire electric bike V8 can reach top speed of 50 Km/h (US Standard) within a few seconds.

65 Km Top Range

720Wh battery capacity provides a range of up to 65 KM (45 Miles) with pedal assist ( Real word range depending on rider weight and road )

20×4 Fat Bike Tires

20 fatbike V8 equipped with 20*4 Inch all-terrain tires and powerful disc brakes, thus allowing you to cruise comfortably and safely. The V8 is a true all-round e-bike and gives you a sense of freedom, adventure, fun and practical.

Removable Battery Design

V8 electric bike battery can easily be swapped out and charged at home without having to bring the ebike in.

USB Charging Port

OUXI V8 Fat Tire Bike has a USB charging port so riders can charge mobile device on the go.

Shimano 7 Speed Shifter

5 pedal assist modes combined with the 7 gear Shimano make OUXI V8 bike a joy ride in any conditions (uphill, downhill, into the wind, with the wind, etc.). You can personalize your fat tire mini bike for anything, from grocery runs to camping trips — and everything in between.

Dual Front Hydraulic Suspension

OUXI V8 fat tire mountain Bike suspension basics aim to explore first-class performance features for all terrain types.

V8 Ebike Turn Signals

20 electric bike tail brake light turning indicator protects your safety in the shade or at night.

Safe & Convenient

Turn on the digital password to avoid the trouble of key loss, the accelerator can be locked, and better adapt to local laws.

Double Battery V8 Available

OUXI have included two batteries design so you can bring extra V8 ebike battery with you on all adventures.

Double Seat V8 Electric Bike Available

OUXI V8 Review

V8 Fatbike Data:

Motor 250Watt – EU Standard / 750Watt – US Standard
Display LCD Dashboard
Battery 48V/15Ah (Removable. With Phone Charge Port)
Max Speed 25kph- EU Standard / 30 mph – US Standard
Suspension Front Suspension Fork
Wheels 20×4 Fat Bike Tires
Brakes Front and Rear Disc Brakes
Electric Mode 5 Electric Speed Levels
Pedal Mode Shimano 7-Speed Derailleur
Riding Options Pure Electric, Pedal Assist and Pedal Modes
Charging Time 5-7 Hours
Recommended Riders Height 5’4″ -6’5″
Max Load 331 lbs
Bike Size L65 X W27.5 X H43.3 Inch
Net Weight 81.5 lbs Including Battery
Packing Size L56.1 X W10.6 X H34 Inch


Fatbike OUXI V8 orders are shipping from local warehouse in Netherlands & USA.

OUXI V8 Display P setting to release max speed to 50kmh (US Version).

20 fat tire bike V8 has not the CoC Certificate and ABE Certificate.

Please read the local regulations about electric pedals before purchasing OUXI V8 20 fat tire electric bike.

Please read V8 fatbike “warranty& return terms” before purchasing V8 Bike.

Please wear a helmet and protective tools while driving an electric bike to ensure safe driving.

For safety reason, please do not ride on rainy days, and not soak the electric bike.

Please charge the OUXI V8 fatbike regularly in winter. It is recommended to charge it once a month to avoid damaging the battery.

9 reviews for 20″ Fat Tire Electric Bike

  1. Jonathan E

    The size of the V8 is just right for my 174cm and 86kg, saddle is high enough for my heels not being able to touch the ground when I sit with my legs straight to the ground. Assembly took one hour. The bike looks much better in reality than on photos!

  2. Scott W

    It’s been close to 3 weeks now with close to 50 miles driven so far and on a descent trial.

    Assembly: instructions could have been bit better especially on the front wheel to make the assembly more easier but for me it was not a big challenge!

    First impressions: really wonderful experience so far. Riding well with no major concerns or issues so far.

    Quality: front wheel was bit flimsy! But doing well so far with no issues. Time will tell more on the quality and durability

    Charging: no. Complaints so far and good!

    I haven’t put this to extreme tests such as lengthy ride/speed etc. works great with power assist and doing the job of jolly ride for which I brought this so far….

  3. Richard J

    After being tricked by another third party seller into buying a V8 and waiting while they sent fake shipping updates, I got a refund and researched every seller along with V8 bikes. I saw this store and that the seller provided a US address and gave it a shot.

    Bike arrived in a few days (I’m in same state as seller’s address) and I put it together by myself in an hour not really needing the instructions. I was riding it shortly after. Bike is fast enough for me and I’m totally thrilled. Seller was very fast and efficient. Thanks!

  4. Christopher C

    Need to install steering wheel, front fender, pedals. I unscrew the pedals and sit on the thread lock. Bike is perfect, until now no problems, was set to be according EU laws (25km limiter).
    Seller responds quickly and answer on all the questions. On the move is excellent, two are lucky, but there are not enough rear legs for a passenger. Recommend.

  5. Lucian CT

    This is a sharp-looking bike! Very little noise, incredible range, great speed when needed……they even sent me a video on how to assemble it, and it was easy to make. It’s bigger and more solid than I imagined. This bike is going onto my final list!

  6. Vino Rodrigues (store manager)

    Eu tenho uma Ouxi v8 já rodei 2000km!

  7. Guest

    The bike itself has a very good quality, but it is not possible to unlock the speed of the bike! Normally you should be able to set the P 0.8 parameter to 100 to unlock 50 km/h, but I could only set it to 50, what means that I can only drive up to 25 km/h. Fix this problem and it is 5/5.

  8. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Communication about delivery time was unsatisfactory. The order completion email came 6 weeks after receiving the bike…(!?) the assembly instructions are insufficient and unclear.

  9. Blackie vuk

    i love the ouxi v8 it goes threw the london traffic well and deals with the trails on the parks best buy iv had

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Fat tire bike simply is wide tire, better for riding on tough terrain and uneven surfaces by adjusting the air pressure. That is why mountain e-bikes and off-road e-bikes usually come with wider tires. Fat tire e bikes should be around 4 inches, which is about twice the width of regular bike tires. Fat tire e bike can be ridden on various terrains more stably and safely than traditional thin tire electric bikes.

Reasons why fat tire electric bikes are better

  • Fat tire electric bike is versatile, suitable for any type of terrains and conditions. Whether it’s on soft snow and beaches or rough mountain trails, fat bike can handle them all with ease.
  • The fat bike tires provide better shock absorption, stable, self-balance and easy to ride even for beginners.
  • Electric bike fat tire has a firmer grip than thin tire e-bike, better traction means safer through dirt and loose surfaces such as sand, leaves, branches and rocks
  • Fat tire e Bikes are flexible, adventurous, convenient, and enjoyable bike choices for riders of all gender and ages.
  • Not only fat tire bikes are designed for the rugged wilderness, but they can also perform well from commuting to adventure.
  • Fit for outdoor fun. No matter you are a city commuter, adventure seeker, mountain biker, sun chaser or a speed racer.
  • Electric fat tire bikes are almost completely insusceptible to any type of weather. As they cut through the beach, mud, stony surfaces, and even on snowy roads with ease.
  • The air pressure of fat tires can be adjusted accordingly.
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