OUXI V8 Fat Tire Electric Bike Review

Powerful, Versatile and Built to Last

The OUXI V8 fatbike is an affordable yet high-performance option for riding on rugged terrain and dirt roads. With a robust battery, hub motor and quality components, the V8 eBike provides an exciting e-biking experience for both recreational riders and off-road bike enthusiasts alike.

V8 Bike Motor

Motor: The EU standard V8 electric bike with 250W motor, and US version OUXI V8 Electric Bike features a 750W Shengyi hub motor that offers high torque for climbing hills and variable assist levels up to 50 km/h.

Battery: A 48V 15Ah lithium-ion battery from top manufacturer powers the V8 bike for up to 70-80 km per charge (Assit Mode). The battery locks on/off for security and charges in 6-8 hours.

OUXI V8 Top Speed

Speed and Range: With motor assist, the OUXI V8 fatbike can reach up to 25 km/h. The range varies from 70-80 km depending on factors like assist level, terrain, load and temperature. This is comparable or better than most 20″ e-bikes and suitable for both short errands and medium-distance rides.


OUXI V8 fatbike Other Features

Other Specs: 20*4″ fat tires, front suspension, 7-speed Shimano drivetrain, Tektro mechanical disc brakes, LCD display with pedal assist levels 1-5. The V8 fat tire bike can support up to 150 kg in rider and cargo weight.

Compared to other 20″ fat tire e-bikes like the ANCHEER (350W, 60-70 km range) or NAKTO (250W, 50-60 km range), the OUXI V8 offers a significant boost in power and maximum distance per charge due to its higher-quality components.

With its sturdy build and high performance, the OUXI V8 – fatbike is ideal for:

• Off-road adventures on dirt, sand or gravel. The fat tires provide stability and control. 

• Hilly suburbs or recreational areas with unpaved roads. The mid-drive motor handles inclines easily. 

• Camping or hunting in rough terrain. Carry gear and supplies with the V8’s 150 kg max load capacity and bike rack mounts. 

• General fun and exercise. Switch between assist levels for an easier or more challenging workout over diverse terrain.

• Added rear rack OUXI V8 2.0 can be used as single rider electric golf scooter.

Final Thoughts on OUXI V8

For less than $1000, the OUXI V8 – fatbike offers unparalleled quality and capability compared to other ebike brand like Akez electric bikes or Idpoo electric bike in its price range.

If you’re searching for an affordable e-bike under 1000 to take you off the beaten path, the fatbike OUXI V8 deserves a spot at the top of your list. Its powerful motor, removable battery, and durable build are ready to handle any adventure in short or long range trip.

OUXI V8 Electric Bike Reddit

  • I’m quite a lot taller than the average person, even for Dutch standards I’m on the tall side with 1.95m, but OUXI V8 is still very enjoyable for me. The very first time I rode on V8 bike I thought ‘hmm it might be a bit low’ but the electrical support is so huge that you barely have to peddle to get forward, so it doesn’t affect my ride enjoyment at all.
  • It’s illegal in the Netherlands to have a bike that goes over 25 kph, but the police doesn’t enforce those rules (or only very rarely). I’ve had it set to 35/40 kph mostly (50 is the max) and I swap between level 3 to level 5 pedal support, depending on how clear the road is and how far I can go straight (I live in Amsterdam so most of the roads are busy/not too long, but when I bike to work I have a lot of open long roads on which I can easily go 40 (or even 50) kph). Just like my HX Q5 mountain bike.
  • Changing the overall max speed of the bike takes a few clicks on the dashboard, and if you know what to do you can change the speed within a few seconds (might be useful if you get pulled over and have a max speed which is a bit too high 😉 ).
  • The battery did run out pretty quickly on my last ride, but that was mostly because it was freezing over here, which drastically lowers the battery life. When I had my test ride of around 10 kilometers the battery didn’t drain a single bar (it has 5 bars) which indicates it should be able to get at least 60+ kilometers on a full battery. I went 40-50 kph for most of this ride and had full pedal support turned on.
  • The brakes were something I was a bit scared of, based on the very few YouTube videos I could find about the Ouxi, but they’re working perfectly and are not making any weird sounds, which I saw in most of the vids they did.
  • Still definitely worth it, although the brakes would be the first thing I upgrade but you’re already doing that so that shouldn’t be a problem. The factory brakes work sufficient enough but they’re not perfect by any means. I saw some guys ride on ekx x21 bike, and they look happy.
  • The battery still works very well, although I do think the 50km range only applies when you barely got support activated. I think I can get close to 35km with full support active, which is more than enough for me in the city but might not be enough if you have to travel large distances.
  • It has arrived, I´ve assembled it and ran it for a test drive. Not in the rain yet. But so far it provides a smooth ride. You won´t enjoy lots of bumps in the road but especially on asphalt it runs smooth and quick.

  • It effectively goes at 50kmh, it has headlights with horn embedded, stop light, brakes sensors and directional back lights, and a super useful 7 speed shimano. It’s a cheap ebike, the finishings aren’t perfect, but in my opinion it’s a best buy for what it offers.

fatbike v8 ouxi

OUXI V8 Fat Tire Bike

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