How to Make OUXI V8 Faster

How to Make OUXI V8 Faster

Rider A: My OUXI V8 speed stuck at 25km/h. Please help how to unlock V8 speed solution. How to tell if you have a OUXI V8 2023 model or V8 2.0?

Rider B: I just bought a OUXI V8 and max speed is stuck at 32kmh and when I go in to V8 display settings, it wont go any higher, but seller said it can unlock to 50 km.h, anyone knows there is a fix to unlock? Is it from same manufacture idpoo electric bike Z8 and OUXI V8

Rider C: Should I buy a new V8 2.0 display or controller, or is there a secret P setting that can unlock the OUXI V8 top speed?

Rider D: Is there any way to make V8 fatbike go above the speed limit 50km/h and maybe make it accelerate faster? I’d really like to make it go much faster!

Rider E: Is this OUXI V8 EU 250w version or US 750w version? The V8 controller is probably locked by the manufacturer. How does it work with a Tamobyke v20.

Rider R: I hold the “-” button and it gave me a code to enter which is apparently 8252 and then I could unlock speed OUXI V8. Mine is ouxi v8 2.0.

Rider F: I also have an Ouxi V8 with a 250W motor and it is also locked with pin code 8252 (V8 display LCD-P3H-V8Z). I can adjust the speed (higher than 32), but I cannot adjust the PAS sensitivity.

Rider G: And you said you were going 50km/h but why everywhere they write 25 is maximum? I have a ouxi v8 electric bike which can go 50km/h and its the version with double battery racks, I’m in USA.

Rider H: I just bought the ouxi v8 2.0 for my son, V8 is a great ebike but when I change the speed it doesn’t change at all I click the up arrow and it stays 25kmh. Need help with unlocking speed ouxi v8.

Rider K: For anyone buying a latest version of a ouxi fatbike, the newest models V8 bike they cant change your speed, its locked from the manufacturer. You need to buy a new display where you can put in the code 8650 to get into your speed settings.

Rider J: How to unlock top speed V8 electric bike? Pressing + and – at the same time for 2 seconds or so. Need a 4 digit code 8252.

ouxi v8 ebike

How to Access & Adjust V8 Ebike Display

  1. Turning On V8 Electric Bike:

    • Press and hold the Power button on the controller until the display appears. Once displayed, you’re ready to start your ride.
  2. Accessing V8 Fatbike Display Settings:

    • Press and hold both the + and – keys simultaneously to enter Mode Settings.
  3. Adjusting V8 Bike Display Parameters:

    • Toggle through the display P setting parameters by pressing the Power button.
    • Use the + or – keys to increase or decrease the desired values.
  4. Saving V8 Display Setting Modifications:

    • Save your modified settings by switching to the next parameter.
    • Alternatively, press and hold both the + and – keys to exit the display settings interface. Alternatively, settings can be automatically confirmed and saved after 8 seconds.

How to Lock / Unlock OUXI V8 Max Speed

OUXI V8 2023 Display Panel

V8 electric bike display setting
  • “Power” (Mode) – Power on/off (press and hold)
  • “+” (Up) – Raise pedal assist level
  • “-” (Down) – Lower pedal assist level

Press “+” and “-” at the same time to access V8 fat ebike display setting (P0-8). Set the value to 50. Speed Limit Value: Range 0-100 km/H, 100= No speed limit.

Note: The OUXI V8 ebike comes with default factory setting limited to 25 (which means 25km or 18mph), but you can toggle this between to 50. That means maximum 32mph! (Only Suitable to US market V8)
 * Random Error: ±1km/h; (Speed limit is for both PAS and Throttle)

Unlock Throttle - OUXI V8 FatBike 1.0

Turn on the OUXI V8 electric bike.

Press “+” and “-” at the same time to access V8 fat ebike display setting (P1-0). Set the value to 2.

Press “+” and “-” to save and exit display setting.

OUXI V8 - fatbike 2.0 Display Setting

How to adjust fatbike OUXI V8 2.0 max speed

How to limit max speed of V8 fat tire electric bike, the version V8 2.0 224 model.

First hold the “Power” button and the “-” button at the same time. Few seconds later then you will see 25. So that’s how the V8 speed limiter works.

If you want to unlock V8 fatbike max speed. Go to p8, hold the “-” button, enter code 8252 and then you can increase the speed to 50kmh.

OUXI V8 2.0 Display Function & Error Code

Power LevelBattery Indicator
Speed Display AreaMaximum speed (MAX), average speed (AVG)
Unit (MPH, KM/H).
The meter will calculate the true speed based on the wheel diameter and signal data
Vehicle ModeWalk (boost mode); PAS (Power file position:0~5).
Multifunctional Display AreaTotal mileage (ODO); Single mileage(TRIP A); Single
mileage (TRIP B); Battery current voltage(VOL); Current operating current (CUR);
Remaining mileage (RM); Instrument boot time (TM)
Display error codes(E006,E007,E008,E009,E010)
E006Low Voltage
E007Motor problem
E008Throttle problem
E009Controller problem
E010Communication problem
M5 Display Setting
ouxi v8 ebike light switch

OUXI V8 2.0 Display Operation

Turn on bikePress and hold “POWER” until power engages
Increase pedal assist(PAS) levelPress “+” arrow
Decrease pedal assist (PAS) levelPress “-” arrow
Toggle odometer, trip odometerPress and release “POWER”
Toggle current speed (“SPEED”),
average speed (“AVG SPEED”),
and max speed (“MAX SPEED”)
Press and hold up “POWER” and “+” until speed display changes
Switch the content of the
multi-function display area
Press and release “POWER”
Enter the “factory default settings” page1. Press and hold the “+” and “-” simultaneously until you enter the function setting interface (P01-P20).
2. In the range of P01-P20, press the up “+” or “-” until the function to be modified is selected.
3. For example: you have selected function P10, this page will display the code of “000”. Press the + to increase the value, otherwise press the “-” to decrease the value.
4. When you finish modifying a function, you can press “POWER” to continue to the next one
5. When you have finished all the modification functions, press and hold the “+” and “-” again until you exit the current page, and the information you just modified will also be saved.

OUXI V8 Fatbike Display Settings

P01: Backlight Brightness (1: darkest; 3:brightest)

P02: Mileage Unit (0: KM; 1: MILE)

P03: Voltage Class: 24V / 36V (default) / 48V

P04: Hibernation Time (0: never, other figures refer to the hibernation time) Unit: minute

P05: PAS Level -0/3 Gear Mode ; 1/5 Gear Mode

P06: Wheel Diameter- Unit:inch ; Precision: 0.1

*To get accurate speed display, this parameter should be correct.

P07: Magnet Steel Number for Speed Test Range: 1-100

*To get accurate speed display, this parameter should be correct.

Gearless Motor: the value is the magnet steel number.

Geared Motor: the reduction-gear ratio is required. The value = magnet steel number*reduction-gear ratio.

For example, magnet steel number is 20, reduction-gear ratio is 4.3. The value input is:86=20×4.3

P08: Speed Limit – Range:0-100km/h,parameter 100 indicates no speed limit. (Only suitable for US Standard OUXI V8 – CODE: 8252)

This parameter limits the max. speed of the vehicle. For example, input value 25 means the max. speed is 25km/h, the vehicle travelling speed can only reach the preset value.

Deviation: ±1km/h (applies to both PAS and throttle mode).

Note: The above-mentioned values are measured by metric unit (kilometers). When the measuring unit is switched to imperial unit (mile), the speed value displayed on the panel will be automatically switched to corresponding imperial unit, however the speed limit value in the imperial unit interface won’t change accordingly.

IMPORTANT: P09-P15 only works under communications mode.

P09: Zero / Non-zero Start Setting: 0: Zero Start1: Non-zero Start

P10: Drive Mode Setting

0: Power Drive – The specific gear of the assist drive decides the assist power value. In this status the handlebar does not work.

1:Electric Drive – The vehicle is driven by the handlebar. In this status the power gear does not work.

2: Power Drive +Electric Drive – Electric drive does not work in zero-start status.

P11: PAS Sensibility – Range:1-24

P12: Assist Power Intensity Range: 0-5

P13: Power Magnet Steel Number:5 / 8/ 12pcs

P14: Current Limit Value:12A by default; Range:1-20A

P15: Unspecified

P16: ODO Zero-Out: Long press the upper key for 5 seconds and ODO will zero out.

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