V8 Electric Bike Display Settings

OUXI V8 Electric Bike Display Settings

V8 electric bike speed setting

Speed Display

AVG: Average speed; MAX speed; SPEED: Current speed; mph | km/h

V8 ebike power gear

Power Gear

V8 Ebike power gear, 0-9 digital and file bar display

OUXI V8 ebike display status

V8 eBike Status

Battery capacity level; Motor failure; Brake alarm; Headlight


Total mileage ODO; Single mileage TRIP; Boot TIME; Battery voltage VOL

How to Access & Change OUXI V8 Display Setting

  1. Turn on the V8 ebike: Press and Hold the Power button on the controller until the display appears and you’re ready to go.
  2. Access V8 bike display setting: Press and Hold + & – key to enter Mode Settings.
  3. Toggle through display P setting parameter by pressing the Power button. Press the + or – key to raise or lower the required values.
  4. Save your modified setting by Switching to the next parameter; Or press & hold + & – key to exit the display settings interface. Also you could wait 8 seconds to automatically confirm and save settings.

OUXI V8 1.0 Display Function Description

  • Display Functions
    Speed display, power indicator, fault indication, total mileage, single trip mileage.
  • Control / Setting Functions
    Power switch, wheel diameter setting, sleep time setting, display brightness setting. Start mode setting, drive mode setting, voltage level setting, controller limit value setting.
  • Communication protocol:UART
    All contents of the display screen (full display in boot 1S)
  • “Power” (Mode) – Power on/off (press and hold)
  • “+” (Up) – Raise pedal assist level
  • “-” (Down) – Lower pedal assist level

What Can I Do with V8 Ebike Display Setting

There are three buttons on the OUXI V8 Ebike display: Power, + and –, allow riders to adjust multipal functions as how your V8 ebike operates:

Cruise control; Zero-start / push-start; Driving mode from totally Pedal Assist to Throttle Assist; Speedometer units (mph/kph), Release the Maximum Speed or the like.

Fatbike OUXI V8 Error Code

V8 electric bike display setting

Status code

Fault code description


Brake Fault


Battery under-voltage alarm


Motor Failure


Throttle Failure


Controller Failure


Communication reception failure


Communication send failure

OUXI V8 Fatbike 1.0 Display Setting

Ebike P Settings

Parameter Value





Display Background brightness; Luminance level 1 to 3 = darkest to brightest


Mileage unit of distance, switch between Kilometers and miles. 0=KM; 1=MILE


Voltage grades: 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V, 64V default 36V; The battery and the kit voltages must be the same! (V8 electric bike = 48V)


Sleep timer: 0 =  LCD screen will never go off for energy save mode; Other numbers stand for the sleep time (1-60 min)


 PAS Grades: 0 – Has 3 grades mode: 1 grade 2V, 2 grade 3V, 3 grade 4V
1 – Has 5 grades mode: 1 grade 2V, 2 grade 2.5V, 3 grade 3V, 4 grade 3.5V, 5 grade 4V
* Options 0 and 1 indicate how much electric assist each grade will provide from the battery while pedaling and will affect the pedaling speed accordingly.


Wheel Size: unit, inch; Precision: 0 | 1;
* This parameter is related to the accuracy of speed showing on the display and needs to be set correctly


Speed measuring magnet: range 1-100


Speed Limit: Range 0-100 km/H, 100= No speed limit,
The OUXI V8 ebike comes with default setting preset to 25 (which means 25km or 18mph), but you can toggle this between to 100. Now 100 will not let you go 100km per hour, that would be maximum 32mph! Just think of these settings this way –
• 45 = 30mph max assist | • 100 = 32mph max assist
 * Random Error: ±1km/h; (Speed limit is for both PAS and Throttle)


Zero start & kick start setting, 0 = zero start; 1 = Non-zero start; Zero start (0) will engage the motor instantly jump forward while your bike is at a standstill; Non-zero start (1) will give some delay when you throttle, throttle will only works when your bike is moving.



Drive Mode setting. This setting could come in very handy. This P setting allows you to turn off the throttle completely.
0 = driven by PAS. The throttle is useless at this time. Use this option if you just want pedal assist and NO throttle.
1 = driven by Throttle. PAS is useless at this time. If you do not need PAS, then use this option.
2 = driven by both PAS & Throttle. The throttle is useless at Zero Start status. Both throttle and Pedal Assit are active.


PAS sensitivity setting, range: 1-24; This setting means respond time when you want the motor to start assist based on how many pedal rotations you do. Set the sensitivity carefully, 1 is the most sensitive.


 PAS start intensity, This setting tells the motor how strong pedal assist you want it. setting range: 0-5; The lower value provides a little assist when you start pedaling.


PAS Magnet Type, three setting 5, 8 and 12.


 Controller limit value set default 12A range: 1-20A


Controller under-voltage


ODO Zero-Out: Reset the odometer back to zero by long press + key for 5 seconds


Cruise Control. 0 = No enabling cruising, 1 = enabling cruising; Automatic cruise optional (valid for protocol 2 only)


Display speed ratio adjustment range: 50 % ~ 150 %


0 power bit, 0: 0, 1: does not include 0

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