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Want to Make Your Commute to Work More Relaxed, Productive, and Fun (Yes, Fun!)?

OUXI commuter Scooters & Bikes are designed for a Safer, Cheaper and More Efficient commute!

ouxi V8 fatbike

OUXI eBikes was founded in 2010, a professional hoverboard & 2 wheel electric scooter manufacturer since 2014. Working closely with factories of high-capacity Li-on batteries, OUXI quickly realized the need for comprehensive upgrades to electric bike industry, in 2019 the OUXI V1 was launched, following by OUXI V5 folding bike, and OUXI V8 fatbike in 2022.

Now OUXI Bike is devoted to specializing in increasing people’s mobility in a fun and memorable fashion, offering riders an inventive, fun, energy efficient, and highly functional transportation alternative. Ouxi mission is to provide city commuter the most effective and adventurous ebikes at affordable cost ever, to create a clean future of accessible personal transportation.

Ebike OUXI can be found on many major marketplaces and retailers including but not limited to; Amazon, Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and many independent dealers. OUXI take tremendous pride in setting performance standards for e-bike quality, riding range, battery power, safety, and affordability in the global electric bike industry. 

OUXI V8 Fat Tire Bike

  • 750 Watt Off Road Electric Bike
  • 20 Inch Fat Tire
  • 30-45 Miles Top Range
  • 15 Ah Removable Battery
  • Shimano 7-Speed
  • 30 Mph Max Speed

Featured Ebikes

Never sacrifice performance for price or safety for speed

OUXI V5 electric bike


14″ Folding Electric Bike

48V 500W foldable ebike, 20 Mph (25 Kmh) with 15Ah battery range up to 45 miles (70 km)

OUXI V7 ebike


16″ Electric Off Road Bike

48V 600W off road bike, V7 Pro reaches 25 Mph (40 Kmh) top speed and 40 miles range (60 km)

ouxi v8 ebike


20″ Fat Tire Electric Bike

48V 750W fat tire e bike, top speed at 30 Mph (50 Kmh) and max range around 30-40 Miles (55 Km).

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We believe an all-electric future is not a matter of IF, but of WHEN.

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